TANDBERG television


Developed Complete Interactive Purchasing System between Set-Top Box and Home Shopping Network November 2007

Described the detailed architectural design for the Response Adapter (RA). It specified all known components needed to deliver a complete system.The RA’s purpose is mediate transactions between the Comcast set-top box (STB) and the HSN Commerce system (HSN.com).The RA receives the set-top box application’s HTTP form posts and translates the data into HSN-iTV XML for use by HSN.com.

The RA sends the payload to the Tandberg Gateway (GW) via a secure SOAP call. The GW is the server used to securely forward the HSN-iTV XML payload to HSN. The GW
passes the payload as-is to the HSN.com iTV service and receives a response. The GW returns this HSN-iTV XML response as-is to the RA.

The RA converts the HSN-iTV XML response to a form-response format expected by the STB. It then sends an XML response to the original STB form request.

While the RA uses the MVC design pattern, it is not built using an enterprise application framework.

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