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Google Cloud Platform changes the way applications understand images


…developers can now build powerful applications that can see, and more importantly understand, the content of images. The uses of Cloud Vision API are game changing to developers of all types of applications…



We have drones that take thousands of photos per flight. We find that Google Cloud Vision API is the best way to turn those huge number of photos, automatically produced, into meaningful insight.

– Tomoaki Kobayakawa
General Manager, Aerosense Inc.


Cloud Vision API Features

Derive insight from images with our powerful Cloud Vision API

Label Detection
Detect broad sets of categories within an image, ranging from modes of transportation to animals.
Explicit Content Detection
Detect explicit content like adult content or violent content within an image.
Logo Detection
Detect popular product logos within an image.
Landmark Detection
Detect popular natural and manmade structures within an image.
Optical Character Recognition
Detect and extract text within an image, with support for a broad range of languages, along with support for automatic language identification.
Face Detection
Detect multiple faces within an image, along with the associated key facial attributes like emotional state or wearing headwear.
Facial Recognition is not supported.
Integrated REST API
Access via REST API to request one or more annotation types per image. Images can be uploaded in the request, and in future releases integrated with
Google Cloud Storage.